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Machining Fixtures
Machining Fixtures

We offer turnkey solutions for machining components including fixtures, gauges, tooling & related automation. We provide Manual/Hydraulic HMC, VMC, CNC fixtures for various components like Cylinder head, Con-rod, Crank shaft,, Gear case, Clutch housing, Cam-shaft, Axles, Valves, Bearing caps, Case & Seal Bearings etc. in various engineering sectors like Automobile, energy & power, oil & gas, General Engineering, Pump Industry etc

Our scope for turnkey solutions include:

  • Machine Tool Selection
  • Process Development
  • Cycle Time Study & Optimization
  • Providing Fixtures & Gauges
  • Cutting Tools Selection and Development
  • Runoffs for Customer Acceptance.
  • PLCs & Automation
  • Documentation & Training

In our fixtures we provide :

  • Hydraulic or manual clamping
  • Ease of loading/unloading
  • Cutter access
  • Clamping force & Nest rigidity
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Standardization of regular manufacturing parts
  • Pipe-less or with piping fixtures